Welcome to Enniskillen Sub Aqua Club


A branch of the British Sub Aqua Club


Diving in Fermanagh, Donegal &

the West of Ireland

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be super fit to be a diver?


Not at all. Although you do need to be medically fit and be a reasonable swimmer, we do not expect members to be athletes.


What does the training involve?


This depends on whether you are already a trained diver. If you are a novice, training involves five practical lessons in the swimming pool and some theory lessons. Once these have been completed, it is necessary to complete five open water lessons. All training is carried out by qualified instructors.

If you are already trained, we will simply ask you to attend a single refresher dive in the swimming pool.

Do you offer different levels of diver training?


Yes, following completion of your basic training, you can progress towards more advanced certification. This will train you to safely undertake more adventurous and complex diving.

We also offer a range of specialist courses such as boat handling and diver rescue training.


Can I use my qualifications on holiday?


Yes, diving qualifications provided by the Club are fully accredited and recognised by CMAS, the main international diving body.


Where do you go diving?


We mainly concentrate are regular diving in Donegal, there are some excellent dive sites such as St Johns Point & Mullaghmore within 50 minutes of Enniskillen. We also arrange trips to other parts of Ireland and the U.K, including days out and weekend dives. We also organise club dive holidays abroad.


Will I need to buy much equipment?


Not initially. The Club and its members will do their best to loan you equipment to get you started. Once you are trained, we would normally expect members to buy their own gear.


Where can I get any equipment I may need to buy?


There are lots of good internet outlets who sell new equipment for good value, there are also some dive shops in Northern Ireland. Club members are more than happy to offer advice when buying equipment and where to get it.

Second hand gear is normally for sale from other members or via eBay.


How do I join?


Contact any of our members from the contact page. We are a friendly bunch and would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. You are welcome to come along to one of our meetings and have a chat and get a feel for club.


I trained with another agency can i join the club?


Divers who have trained with any agency are welcome to join our club. Your qualifications from other organisations are accepted by us. It is also fairly simple to gain crossover BSAC qualifications based on what tickets you have from other groups. For instance, a PADI Rescue Diver would be recognised as the equivalent of a BSAC Sports Diver.


Does the club welcome rebreather divers?

We welcome all divers so long as they are qualified to use their equipment. We are lucky to have a number of rebreather divers in the club and also a rebreather instructor.


Can you get air fills in the club?


The club has its very own compressor and can provide both fills of air and nitrox for all members.


What sort of depth ranges to you dive too?


We have a range of divers of different abilities in the club trained for diving up to 80 metres deep. The majority of our members main diving is up to 35 metres.

What sort of visibility do you get around ireland?

The visibility is usually good, it can often be as much as 30m but more generally 10-15m and rarely less than 5m.